Booking, Refund, Cancellation & Complaints Policy

Tentative Bookings

eVOLUTION CAR HIRE are happy to tentatively hold cars for 24 hours while Clients finalise event details.  After this time frame has expired, and if no confirmed booking has been made, the car(s) will automatically be made available for other potential Clients to book.

Quotes Issued

All quotes issued by eVOLUTION CAR HIRE are strictly valid for 7 days.  Expired quotes need to be reviewed and confirmation regarding cost and availability of cars will need to be reconfirmed.


Secure your Booking

In order to secure a booking, eVOLUTION CAR HIRE requires a deposit of 30% (calculated by the total package value), payable 3 days from time of booking.  


Should the Client cancel or change their mind, deposits paid are non-refundable.  In the event of cancellation by the Client, a credit note will be issued for the amount of deposit received and will be used towards your next booking with eVOLUTION CAR HIRE.  


Outstanding Balance

eVOLUTION CAR HIRE requires all outstanding balances to be paid in full 14 days prior to booked date. Should payment not be received within this time frame, eVOLUTION CAR HIRE reserves the right to cancel the booking.  


If the Client needs to cancel before the booked date, regardless if full payment has been received or not, eVOLUTION CAR HIRE will retain the following percentages.


- 30% for the deposit (non-refundable due to Client cancellation) credit note will be issued,

- 6 months before the booked date in addition to the deposit paid a further 30% of the full balance will either be held or


- 3 months before the booked date in addition to the deposit paid, a further 50% of the full balance will either be held

  or charged,

Additional Time Required

Should the booking go overtime, additional fees will apply.  Please refer back to your Tax Invoice issued for applicable rates.   All outstanding money for additional time is strictly to be paid within 24 hours from booked event date.  Payments received past this time frame will incur an additional 10% late fee charge on the outstanding money.


Transfer of Bookings

eVOLUTION CAR HIRE reserves the right to revise quotes for bookings being transferred to another party. We will require this change in writing from the original booking Client.


If we cancel a booking

In the event that eVOLUTION CAR HIRE cancels a booking, all money paid will be refunded to the Client. 



All complaints must be received in writing to evolutionhire@optusnet.com.au and a “Complaint Notification Form” needs to be completed by the complainant.   Once the form is received eVOLUTION CAR HIRE will address the complaint on an individual bases. eVOLUTION CAR HIRE will endeavour to address these complaints in a timely manner in the form of a written response.



By paying the deposit you automatically agree to our terms and conditions along with our policies.