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VW Beetle Wedding Hire Cars

Timeless!! everyone loves and can relate to Beetles but not too many people get to see such stunning early examples displayed in their pristine glory.  


Back in 1999, these humble Beetles started it all for us and changed what was on offer.  The birth of a new adventure and the first of it's kind in Australia.  "Beetle Wedding Hire Cars" was brought to life giving clients the ability to hire our Beetles for weddings and special occasions. 

With the introduction of the Kombis to our fleet we now are able to give our clients more options when looking for Volkswagen wedding cars and we have become a "One Stop Shop".


Clients are more readily booking Beetles as their own private vehicle and a Kombi for the rest of the bridal party.  The best of both worlds!


We can offer you our Beetle wedding cars in either black or white.  Either one will add to the charm of your special day.

3 Beetles (1955 - 1957) - John, Paul & George

Seats 3 passengers plus the chauffeur

Pearl White paint work

Light grey interior

1954 Beetle - Ringo

Seats 3 passengers plus the chauffeur

Black paint work

Light grey interior 

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