VW Convertible Beetle Wedding Hire Cars

Perfect!! is what you'll say when you see them.


We are the only business that currently offers clients the option of either black or white factory Convertible Beetles for wedding hire in Sydney!!

Wanting some privacy?  This is the perfect option when hiring our Convertible Beetles for a wedding.  The bridal party can travel in our Kombis while you both have some much needed privacy in our stylish Convertible Beetle. No compromises made, still able to fully maintain the vintage look and feel of your wedding.

With a soft top that retracts up and down, not only will your arrival and departures be elegant and graceful but the amazing photos you will have from our stunning early examples of the very popular Convertible Beetle will be timeless!

car info

1964 Factory Cabriolet Convertible Beetle - Bonnie

Seats 3 passengers plus the chauffeur

Pearl White paint work

Ivory interior 

1959 Factory Cabriolet Convertible Beetle - Clyde

Seats 3 passengers plus the chauffeur

Black paint work

Red interior 

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